Video : This Young Brother Defends His Twin Sister With All His Heart…This Is Too Cute !!

So Cute !

This little man starts defending his twin sister, after his mom tells him that she’s gonna call the police to take her to jail. The reason why is just hilarious. The little kid previously told his mom that his twin sister farted on his face, don’t want to share anything with him and don’t listen. But when mom wanted to miss a little with him, he panicked and begs her to not call the police. And even the poor loving twin brother tried to bribe his mom telling her the funny phrase:

” you want some m&ms?”

Surprisingly the twin sister don’t care at all about all this drama and continue to be bully.

without further ado here is the full video. You’ll laugh so hard, it’s guaranteed !

I see a bright future for this kid to be a good lawyer, What do you think ?


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