Video : Cocaine Addiction Has Some Absolutely Insane Effects On The Human Heart !


Cocain is the star in the drugs world. Personally i never used it, but they say that it makes you “feel” strong and powerful. Taking a sniff one or two times won’t cause you any durable effects. But diving in that world and becoming a regular user can and will destroy your body slowly.

Without further ado, let’s see a real footage of a 15 years cocain addict that was taken off by doctors during a surgery. As you can see his heart is 3 times bigger than you normal healthy heart. And with normal people the heart will stop beating after just 60 seconds.

This man’s heart kept beating for more than 25 minutes after it was taken off his body…Can you imagine that !

via Complex
If anyone in your family, friends or anyone you know is under the mercy of cocaine addiction, act fast and help him to recover by calling a medical professional ASAP. Please don’t hesitate until he’s gone. He will thank you later.


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