Video : This Is One Example Of The Creatures Of The Deep ocean…This Real Fish Will Bring you Nightmares !

Holy Moly !

Despite The fact that we opened our eyes on the ocean a long time ago, and started ever since countinious exploration missions, we still know just so little about this huge blue world, especially deep waters. If we go miles under the surface, we can notice that the biodiversity decrease. In that huge depth lives some rare creatures of the deep ocean like the deep-sea hatchet fish.

These scary creatures are found in the temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

creatures of the deep ocean

In this huge depth, eyes are not very imprtant since daylight is almost absent, and these creatures have developed a bioluminosity sense to help them catch food in these extreem depths.

creatures of the deep ocean
Reddit / sivribiber

Relax…You’ll never meet these creepy fish at the surface, they live in between 160ft and one mile of depth.

creatures of the deep ocean

Just to let you know, deep-sea hatchetfish don’t look exactly like their homologue living close to surface, even if they share the same name. The First ones are much…much more scary !

Source : viralnova

OMG…Just thinking about these creatures of the deep ocean gives me nightmares. This is why i don’t like open waters diving !

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