Imagine Guys Trying The Most Popular Women Picture Poses…And Beats The Originals…The Funniest Parody You’ll Ever Seen !

Haha…I’m dead !

“we all need to be mocked from time to time, lest we start to take ourselves too seriously” Tyrion Lannister

In fact this is not very hard. Now a days, thanks to the internet it takes only 2 seconds to get instant mockery. You took a picture post it online and there you go, people will mock you from all around the world, and also you have a chance to get very famous in no time…How great is that !
And if you instead want to mock other people…Guess what it’s even easier. Thanks to the internet again you get a wide variety of stuff to ridicule.

#1 I’m sure you already seen these water hair flip photos !

#2 OK…Here we go…Imagine a girl post the beautiful above picture and gets an image reply like the below picture… See the beauty of mockery !

#3 Shopping with chihuahuas ?…Naaah!!

#4 Kendall Jenner is beautiful, but this dude just nailed it !

#5 I Said Yes !

#6 Female Mermaids are great, But wait until you see the male Mermaids !

#7 The famous “I Woke Up Like This” picture…Men version !

#8 Don’t forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day…Dental Hygiene Is very Important !

#9 You think your dad is cool ?…Well not even close…This dad mock his daughter by recreating her sexy selfie !

#10 We all know that pregnant mom pictures are very cute…But have you ever seen “pregnant dad pictures”…Well it’s also cute, except there is no baby…It’s just Beer Belly !

#11 Do you have a motorcycle and never taught to switch the role and pose as a biker babe?…Well, this man did it for you !

#12 What a fabulous morning in the beach…Loving the great energy !

#13 Workout time…No pain no gain !

#14 Ohh…Love that sexy body !

#15 And what about this sexy pose !

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Girls right now will be like  :


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