Video : This Little boy Was Cruelly Abandoned By His Family And Left To Die Because He Was Accused Of Witchcraft !


The aid worker Anja Ringgren Lovén From Denmark has seen alot of cruel things in her career, but this time when she came across this little innocent boy in Nigeria, she froze up and was shocked !

As i said before Anja is working for an aid organization witch brings food to the south of Nigeria, and while she is walking in the street she came by an abandoned 2 year old little kid naked, covered with worms and close to death due to starvation and thirst.

As you’ll see in the video below, The poor little kid was so weak that he couldn’t even stand when Anja gave him water. after keeping falling over, She couldn’t stop herself from asking the locals about the reasons. And when she did the answer was “no mother, no father.”

Anja didn’t stop there, she kept asking people until she reconstructed the story. She found out that there is many kids in the same situations abandoned by their families. And the reason…Accused of witchcraft !

Right after that Anja took the little boy and named him Hope.

after this heroic rescue, we are very happy to announce that the little kid Hope is now happy and a healthy. We all know that being abandoned by your own family is the most scary feeling a little kid can experience. The other good news is that Hope found a new comfortable home at an orphanage newly opened by Anja.

Source : Viralnova

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