Did You Know That Your Sleeping Position Can Say A Lot About Your Love Life ?

Learn the true sleeping positions meaning

sleeping positions meaning

When you are in a relationship and you share bed with your partner, you can notice that each of you has a sleeping position that makes him or her confortable. these favorite positions can change from partner to partner or from relationship to relationship. Maybe your current partner is facing you with his or her back, while your Ex always always slept facing you with his or her face. Here you probably wonder, What does it all mean ? Well, at this moment there is no scientific explanation but there are some psychological explanations.

The Tangle

This is the most romantic sleeping position i would say. It is formed by Intertwining legs and arms, witch means compatibility and physical desire.

sleeping positions meaning

Too far on the Edge

Hot weather or fatigue can lead to this sleeping position. But keeping this large physical distance from your partner in bed can also mean there’s a growing emotional distance.

Back to Back (touching)

Here both partners want to touche each other. This position shows some easy intimacy but also shows some independence witch every one of them have his own direction.

sleeping positions meaning

Back to Back (separated this time)

This is a similar position to what you have seen above, but shows more independence. It is very common in long-term relationships.

sleeping positions meaning

The Spoon (woman on the inside)

This is a traditional and very common sleeping position wher the man plays his role as protector and make his woman feel safe by surrounding here with his arm and body.

sleeping positions meaning

The Spoon (man on the inside)

Here, as you can see, it’s the woman who takes control and plays the role of the “protector”. It means that the woman have a strong personality.

sleeping positions meaning


In this position where the man is usually on his back and the woman cuddling him on the side, shows some dependancy towards the man. And also it is a very common position and shows how much each partner care about the other.

sleeping positions meaning

On the Back (touching)

This is a little complex position. it shows at the same time that the couple is independant and they give each other space, but the touches shows also the partners take care of each other.

sleeping positions meaning

The Hot Mess

This a true reflexion of a couple in conflict. One partner is isolated in a small area searching for a little intimacy they’re not having, while the other take all tha space in bed without any consideration for his partner

sleeping positions meaning
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The Loose Spoon

This is also a spoon postion, but with a little space, whitch shows respect.

sleeping positions meaning

Face to Face

This position is a great sign of a healthy relationship and it is adopted mainly by pillow talkers before bed. It shows also intimacy and respect.

sleeping positions meaning

The Family Unit

The biggest sign that this position can give is “committment”. Sharing the bed not just with your partner, but also with you kids might not be the best way to fall asleep quickly but it shows a big confort and love towards the family.

sleeping positions meaning
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