WTF… This 17-Year-Old Boy Filmed Himself Raping A 1-Year-Old Child… How Cruel Is That !!

#1 Guilty

Kraigen Grooms a 19-year-old boy from Ottumwa – Iowa, was condemned by Judge Myron Gookin in the Wapello County Courthouse to serve a 10 years of suspended prison sentence. And Before this he has been in prison for more than two years.

#2 From now on …GPS Monitoring

After the verdict Kraigen was unfettered from jail. But Since then, he was always controlled by GPS monitoring.

#3 Skype

when Grooms was arrested by federal authorities in 2014, he was only 17 years old. He was then accused of rapping and filming a one-year-old child. Groom was talking to two men involved in child pornography about him rapping the child and didn’t know at that time that he was being filmed. These two men filmed the crime via Skype.

#4 The first accusation

Groom’s first accusation was Sexual Abuse (2nd degree). This is a class B crime which could lead to over 25 years in jail.

#5 Treatment and supervision

Grooms will be under supervision for five years, then he will be released as a registered sex offender and will always be under watch. Grooms went through many psychological examinations and Sex Offender Treatment Programs and he must complete all of them before he get released.


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